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Austin Grant, Dustin

I brought back Austin to do a shoot, who has been really busy working in order to do shoots on a regular basis. Then, I also brought in Dustin to do a shoot with him as well, because let's face it he is one hot ass straight guy. Right before we started the shoot, the guys were in a joking mood and were talking about getting hard and off. Then, I asked Austin how old he was and he said 22, and I asked him when he started the whole porn thing and he said when he was 18. On the other hand, Dustin said he was 21, and I know that he hasn't been doing shoots for all that long since he started with us. We talked about what they would be doing in the shoot, and they wanted to do an easy shoot first together before a fucking scene would happen. I told them that they had to at least to an oral scene than. Both said that was fine, but that it would pay less since they would be doing less. We joked around that in the next shoot Dustin would try bottoming, and of course he said no. We will have to wait and see if he changes his mind over money. The guys stripped down to their underwear kicking off their clothes and to the side of the room just like they do at home. The guys started playing with their dicks and I put on a video for them to watch. Since they're use to being in front of the camera I told Austin to go ahead and start to suck Dustin's cock first. Austin is a pro at deep-throating and Dustin was enjoying it. Every time Austin's lips would hit Dustin's base of his cock, Dustin would moan. After a few minutes into the head, Austin paused for a second sitting back to say that it was his turn now for head. Sitting there he waited and the camera was now on Dustin to give head. Moving down to the floor Dustin got to his knees in front of Austin's cock. He placed that hard cock in his mouth and started sucking it like a pro. I actually was surprised that Dustin was getting into it, because he hadn't before in previous shoots as much. Maybe it was doing the scene with Austin. I noticed that Austin started to thrust his hips, to face fuck Dustin's mouth. Dustin didn't mind, but he placed his hand on Austin's stomach to slow him down. Dustin stopped and stood up in front of Austin. Reaching forward he pulled Austin's face towards his dick, wanting him to suck it. Austin didn't hold back, he started to suck making a smacking noise every time he came up for air. Dustin was enjoying it, and showed his dominate side when he placed his hand on the back of Austin's head wanting Austin to go down more. Austin was very good using his whole mouth, his tongue, and his hand as well. Stopping when he had enough, he had to wipe his face from all the spit. Leaning back Austin got comfortable and started to jack off starring up at Dustin's cock. Dustin looked down at Austin and they seemed to be connecting. I knew that Dustin could get off rather quickly when he started to use a lot of lube and his own hand. It took only a minute before he gave me the warning that he was about to cum. He shot his load all over Austin's chest and stomach. Austin wiped up some of the cum and started to jack off with it. Austin stroked his cock really fast letting out a moan every other stroke. He let out a, a "fuck!" The cum was sprayed from his cock, and he came for us. Dustin took a seat next to Austin, and we talked about what they should be paid for doing the shoot. We will have them back very soon to do a fucking shoot, but they both are tops. So, I don't know which one will do the bottoming. Stay tuned to see which one of them will take a dick up the ass.

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