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Burning Calories While Fucks Ass & Getting Paid I'm In

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Oliver Saxon, Jared Marzdon

Oliver Saxon help Jared Marzdon burn a few extra calories before getting their scene started, and when they do decide to start making out, things get heated up real quick!  Jared kisses Oliver all over, trailing kisses down to Oliver’s big cock and taking it in his mouth and sucking it until it’s good and hard. Jared loses his pants soon after and then Oliver gets a taste of Jared’s sweet cock, running his lips up and down that long shaft and deepthroating his dick. 

When Oliver’s got Jared hard he climbs on top of him and sits on Jared’s thick member, riding that big bareback cock and then standing up and letting Jared fuck him from a different angle as he moans for more of that amazing dick. They climb on the bed and Jared covers Oliver with the weight of his body, pounding Oliver with his rock hard cock, going deep and fast as Oliver takes that dick like a pro. Jared flips Oliver over and bends his legs up, getting him in a position that lets him get deep inside that ass and fucking him raw until Oliver cums, then pulls out and shoots his own load all over Oliver.  They finish the scene off with a few more kisses before going to get cleaned up.

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