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Tyler Griffin Fucks Junior Fernandez Fuck Raw Then Cum

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Tyler Griffin, Junior Fernandez

Tyler Griffin makes the first move with Junior Fernandez, going in for a kiss as they make out before Junior finds his way down to Tyler’s cock, taking it in his mouth and sucking that sweet dick as his own cock grows harder already!  Junior deepthroats Tyler’s prick and then gets some oral in return as Tyler kneels down and works Junior’s cock with his mouth and hand, massaging his balls and licking his shaft as Junior enjoys every minute of Tyler’s mouth. 

They make out more before Tyler holds Junior’s legs up and buries his bareback dick in his ass, taking it slow before fucking him harder and making Junior moan!  Tyler’s balls slap against Junior’s ass as he pounds him raw, taking him in all different positions as Junior’s ass bounces with each of Tyler’s deep thrusts.  Junior’s tight ass is too much for Tyler and he lets his cum fly across Junior’s back, licking it up while Junior jerks himself off and cums hard, letting Tyler clean it up with his mouth and then sealing the deal with a kiss!

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