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David Hardy And Abram Hoffer Flip Fuck Raw

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David Hardy, Abram Hoffer

Abram Hoffer is usually the top, but he and David Hardy have other plans for this scene that are making him a little bit nervous…so we’ll see how his ass takes a pounding!  David helps take his mind off of it by moving in for a kiss, making out with each other as they slowly undress and Abram pulls David’s boxers off and wraps his mouth around that knob.  

Abram sucks David’s dick and then moves up and straddles him, putting his cock in David’s mouth and letting David touch himself before lubing them both up and sitting back onto David’s bareback meat.  Abram takes it slow but has a hard time stretching his ass around David’s dick, but after a while he’s able to ride that cock until they flip and Abram tops David.  Abram doesn’t go easy on David and he pounds that tight ass hard, fucking David raw until they’re both draining their cum onto David!

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