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Owen Michaels Stretches Gage Owens Hole Bareback

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Gage Owens, Owen Michaels

We’ve got Gage Owens and Owen Michaels in the studio today for your viewing pleasure!  These two studs are hot enough alone, but put them together and you’ve got a recipe for some amazing foreplay and sizzling hot sex!  They turn toward one another and lock lips, kissing as they get each other undressed and run their hands over their one another’s body. 

Gage gets down on his knees and puts Owen’s dick in his mouth, letting Owen face fuck him as he drools all over that sweet cock while we get a nice view of Owen’s impressive bubble butt!  When Owen can’t resist his craving for dick any longer, he wraps his mouth around Gage’s prick and sucks, licking Gage’s hairless balls while Gage watches from above.  Then Owen breaks out his superman style, lifting Gage up and sticking him with his hard dick while he balances Gage and holds him securely, letting him grind his ass hard on Owen’s cock! 

As strong as Owen is, those sexy muscles need a break and he places Gage on the bed, holding his legs apart as he drives his bareback cock into him, then Gage gets on top and rides Owen’s throbbing prick until he cums onto Owen’s muscular chest, and when Owen pulls out and cums between Gage’s ass, he shoots a huge load, making sure to drain every last bit of jizz from his cock!

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