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Classmates Skip Class And Go Home & Suck And Fuck Bareback

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Jaxon Ryder, Brody Lasko, Justin Riggs

Brody, Jaxon and Justin are here for a 3-way, and while that’s a pretty special occurrence here on BSB, don’t worry…our three guys have had plenty of experience with group sex! We let them loose on each other and they get right to it, pulling pants down and putting dicks in their mouth, with Brody sucking Justin who’s sucking Jaxon. 

They switch up the line and it’s Brody and Justin receiving now, their naked bodies splayed out across the bed as they give each other head and get their dick sucked! Soon, Justin finds himself getting oral from Brody and giving oral to Jaxon, all in preparation for the ass-fucking that’s about to start as Jaxon lubes up and Justin straddles him, sitting right down on Jaxon’s bareback dick and riding it while Brody and Jaxon make out. Then Justin moves his tight ass over to Brody and rides his hard dick next, bouncing on it while Jaxon leans over and sucks on Justin’s cock. 

Jaxon gets on the bed doggy style and lets Justin eat his ass while Brody gets sucked off by Justin, then they switch it up and Brody fucks Jaxon while Justin gets his cock sucked.  These boys step up their game, getting freaky in all sorts of positions until Jaxon cums on Brody’s ass, then Brody unloads onto Justin’s face, then Justin finishes up with his own hot cumshot!  Just another day in paradise for our guys!

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