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Brice Jones Fucks Jaxon Ryder Bareback

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Jaxon Ryder, Brice Jones

Neither Brice Jones or Jaxon Ryder enjoy kissing much, so they’ve worked out other ways to get their cocks hard that don’t involve much lip locking.  They strip down and stand up, each playing with themselves a little before the more experience Jaxon gets down on his knees and stuffs his mouth full of Brice’s giant cock.

Jaxon takes his time with Brice, sucking that dick as it grows bigger and harder in his wet mouth until finally, when Brice can’t get any harder, Jaxon climbs on the bed and prepares himself for what’s next.  Brice straddles Jaxon’s ass, holding his fat cock at Jaxon’s entrance and then slowly pushing it in, spreading Jaxon’s ass to get it in deeper and then slowly starting to pump in and out.  

Brice’s huge, bareback cock can barely fit all the way inside of Jaxon, but he takes that dick like a pro, letting Brice fuck him a few different ways as he strokes his own dick nice and slow.  When Brice has Jaxon on his back with his legs spread and ass open wide for him, he pounds him raw and hard, grabbing Jaxon’s prick and stroking it before Jaxon takes over and releases his cum, then Brice has to pull out and bust a nut, unloading onto Jaxon’s balls and cock! 

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