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After We Workout Bro Can I Fuck Your Ass & Sucks Your Cock

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Chandler Scott, Danny Cannon

Danny Cannon and Chandler Scott have been hitting the gym and it shows, these guys have buffed up and filled out a little, and as busy as they’ve been they’re back in the studio to give their fans some more! They take their pants and shirts off and make out, kissing gently as their cocks grow a bit bigger in their boxers…until those come off too and Danny is on his knees sucking Chandler off!

Danny pulls Chandler’s big shaft in and out of his mouth while Chandler thrusts it deeper down his throat, but then it’s Chandler’s turn to get a taste of Danny’s sweet cock. Chandler deepthroats Danny’s nice dick until he’s hard and ready for a good fucking, then he bends him over the bed and enters him from behind, slow and easy, giving Danny a minute to warm up to his big prick filling up that tight ass. 

But Danny's ass feels so damn good that Chandler can’t wait forever and he starts pumping harder and faster, his bareback dick massaging Danny from the inside as he goes in deep.  Chandler takes Danny in different positions, pounding him raw as Danny lets Chandler fuck him however he wants while he jerks his own dick until he sprays himself with cum then gets blasted with Chandler’s hot jizz too!

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