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Michael Dames, Anthony High

Antony and Michael are back again for another shoot, since I asked them to come in the last time they were here. If you remember they did a jerking and oral scene together, and Anthony sucked dick for the first time. Both guys did such a great job in the shoot, I felt like they made a connection the last time they were here. When they arrived I could tell that Michael was very nervous for the shoot, which has been surprising me since he is bi. I told them that the reason I brought them back for another shoot was because I wanted to see them fuck. Now, Anthony started telling me there was no way he would do it, but I started talking money with him. He said that it wouldn't happen, but I figured if we got into the shoot maybe that would change his mind. I told them that we would start off where we had left off yesterday with the dick sucking and take it from there.

I had the two boys get undressed for us, and they stripped down to their underwear. Anthony was a little in a hurry to take off his underwear, but I had them keep them on. The two of them faced each other, and Michael dropped down to his knees in front of Anthony. Rubbing Anthony's body with hand, Michael was getting him turned on with just his touch. Right away Anthony was starting to make noises, and let me know he was enjoying it. Michael only had to suck dick for a few minutes, before Anthony made him back so he could suck dick. The two of them are good at going back and forth at giving attention to the other one. Anthony said that he would be down for fucking if he was going to make $1000. They still ended up sucking dick for a bit, but I was happy to see that they were getting into the shoot like last time.

At one point, Anthony reached over and grabbed a condom from off the floor and ripped it open. Michael played with Anthony's cock to keep it as hard as possible while he put the condom on. Moving into position Michael wanted to lay on his back to start off, so that he could get comfortable with the dick in his ass. Pushing in slowly, Anthony made his cock in Michael's tight ass hole, and the two of them were able to start fucking. Anthony was having some trouble being able to keep any rhythm, so he turned Michael more on his side and made his leg back. It was great, because we were able to see a lot of the dick going in and out in this position. Anthony did some grunting while he was fucking, making him sound like he wanted to pound that ass. Michael laid there not really doing much besides trying to relax and let Anthony do whatever he wanted to him.

Anthony is very aggressive, and whipped his cock out of Michael's ass forcing Michael to turn over on his stomach. The two were able to start fucking again in another position and they started slow at first, but that didn't mean that Anthony was going to take it easy. Anthony pulled Michael's hair and pulled his neck back towards him while fucking him. Michael started to make noise while he was on his back, showing that he was starting to have an orgasm. Anthony started to pick up on Michael's ass forcing him up in the air. In this position, I could see that Anthony was trying to have Michael give himself his own facial. When Michael came the cum went everywhere on his chest, and even some in his hair. I had to give them a minute because Michael was still having an orgasm after we were through. That meant that he had a great time from the fucking.

Now, it was Anthony's turn to get off, and I handed him a couple of different size toys that I wanted to see him play with. Anthony handed Michael one of the toys and asked him to use it on him. Lubing up the toy and jerking off with some of the lube they were ready to begin. Slowly the toy was pressed against Anthony's ass hole to try and get it in, but Michael was having some trouble with getting it in. Both boys tried to get it in, but Anthony was way too tight to let the dildo in. Michael lubed up his finger and started to get it inside of Anthony's ass. The fingering was able to begin, and watch as Anthony starts to moan and move his body in enjoyment. They get to the point where Anthony pushed Michael's hand away, because it got to intense. Anthony came on his stomach and his whole body was worn out. The guys did a great job, and I am going to see if I can pair them up with some other models in the future.

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