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Anthony High Gay Porn Videos

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  • Age: 19
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 170 (77 kg)
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.47/5

In his own words:

"I wasn't making shit with my pizza delivery job and I always wondered what was going here when I came to deliver..."

Our comments:

"Anthony was delivering our pizza and he couldn't help but notice all the cash I had and I told him if he wanted some of it, then he'd have to help me out at the studio."

Producer comments:

"Our pizza boy was a great addition to the BSB set and he worked extremely well with Michael."

  • Str8 Guy First Time Sucking Cock

    Anthony and Michael are back again for another shoot, since I asked them to come in the last time they were here. If you remember they did a jerking and oral scene together, and Anthony sucked dick for the first time. Now to up the ante..

  • Pizza Boy Delivers Pepperoni & Cock

    Our resident Pizza boy is back and this time. Now that we got him warmed up we threw him in another shoot. Tips aren't very good but this Pizza Guy is getting a huge tip after this delivery.

  • North Carolina Guy Gets Jerked Off

    Mike came in for his very first shoot, and was a little nervous. He is 20 yrs old, bi, and from North Carolina where he is going to school. All the studying he has been doing doesn't give him time to work, so he decided to do this to make some money.

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  • Tillybaby on 05/07/2023

    Anthony had the unique ability to be himself and let loose with his feelings and enjoy life as it comes. I think his scenes were masterpieces that will never be surpassed in genuine emotion and enjoyment. I would love to see what he look like now, I imagine he still is nuts with the ladies. To call him an Italian Stallion would be an understandment.

    • Van615 on 06/05/2021

      viewing these old episodes really do bring back my early introduction to web porn. naïve is the only word that comes to mind. all of us horny guys wanting to be with srt8 hookups was all here, for a price. I look at these now and laugh out loud. Tony High? yuk yuk uk as a stooge once put it. ps to the comment police here now on bsb, I am keeping a copy of every comment I post. yuk yuk yuk!

      • tangogent on 05/02/2020

        Very grateful for the tips below about Anthony's adult porn career. I was able to see hims TAKE COCK and suck dick, revealing he's gone further in his search for M2M gratification. Any kissing scenes with Anthony? Don't see any yet... But he does everything well, so I'm sure he'd be a great kisser, too.

        • bsb33urtjd on 06/10/2017

          All three of Tony Paradise with his boyfriend Michael are porn classics! I say boyfriend because once you see all 3, you should be convinced that these guys did not just meet. Tony still plays this same "cool" act today. He has a current episode from Bait Buds with Johnny R. and he is so convincing until the flesh begins to meet. He is still a winner in my books. Download all 3 to your personal vault. You won't be sorry.

          • Malik38 on 05/12/2017

            Google"Tony Paradise gay male porn star" and you will find a ton of current information on this so called "straight pizza boy."

            • Reparareur on 07/07/2016

              He was too hot and went on to have a porn career as Tony Paradise, I wonder if he really was the pizza boy and got discovered here. He is one of my all time favorites and I think we really do see him discovering his curiosity.

              • bayway48 on 04/11/2017

                and now bottoms and sucks cock! He has come a long way!

                • Van615 on 06/05/2021

                  LOL! This was a screen test for Tony Paradise.

                • DrDKDi on 08/09/2015

                  Adventurous, passionate and uninhibited. I would have loved to see him bottom. He made the scenes he was in; without him, they would have been nothing at all.

                  • BluEyedRedWolf on 10/05/2014

                    Single most sexually interesting man I have ever been given the honor of seeing. Doubt I'll ever forget a moment of his passion at having a helping hand, or should I say finger or twos' assistance in getting that toy up to his prostate....... I just keep wondering what we might have seen had it been someones hard cock instead of the toy. Wondering why there's no fingering with lube being done on any of these guys. Think it sure could make for some hella hot shots, instead of giving up basically! (Have the guys squirm all over the place when it hits bottom, instead of expecting them to deal with the extreme discomfort that can be inflicted on an ill prepaid asshole. They "douche," so why not have he narrator/commentator/cameraman instruct them on "proper manors" if one knows the bottom has little or no previous experience? Telling someone "it's gonna hurt" and "be sue to breath" or "breath through the pain" followed by "you may end up liking it" doesn't set up one for the truly orgasmic experience it should be.) Sorry for the narrative, so many of the really hot guys seem to vanish after their first time doing anything anal and I wonder if just a little more pleasure in their first time might have resulted in our seeing more of them. Won't much matter how high you are willing to go with the money, once you've tried to get them to take a dick they can't; the memory of the pain can be a great motivator in either direction... If it doesn't get somewhere close to the point of "it hurts soooo good" it huts so bad it'll be an earth ending experience before they try it again or go some place they fear they may be expected to try it again. Being Versatile and having been with several "virgins" I have clear and concise memories and knowledge of how it goes. Think the best comment I've ever heard was from one of the "straight boys" when he was asked about a guy giving another guy a BJ, he said something to the effect of "there would be a lot less homophobia if it happened to more straight guys." (It's hard to hold a grudge against the person taking care of your rock hard Johnson, a mouth is a mouth is a mouth........ It's just getting past the idea that it's your best male pale on his knees "drunk" who's doing it!)

                    • tangogent on 05/02/2020

                      Love your comments, BERW. I want every straight man to get fucked and enjoy it.

                    • ssanders on 07/22/2014

                      time to order more pizza. This guy is HOT. He gets into the feel and I hope he loosens up enough to take it up the ass. Get one of the vets to give him a slow one to start him out. thanks

                      • vino24 on 12/10/2013

                        this guy needs more vids