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Antonio Drake Experiences His First Time With Another Guy

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Justin Riggs, Antonio Drake

Newbie Antonio Drake has never been with a guy before…but that’s about to change! He and Justin Riggs show off their sexy bodies for us…chest and torso first, then ass, then finally we get to see those big cocks! 

They take a seat on the couch and let the fun begin as Justin goes right for Antonio’s dick, sucking on it as Antonio tries to get used to the feeling of a dude’s mouth around his cock!  Justin licks and sucks on his balls, making sure to get Antonio good and hard before they get on their knees and try oral from a different angle!  And while Justin is so perfectly positioned near Antonio’s ass, he gives him a wet rimjob as he buries his face between those smooth, supple ass cheeks and licks that hole. 

He rubs Antonio’s entrance with his thumb as he runs his tongue up and down his crack, even giving his feet some attention before Antonio Climbs on top of Justin and facefucks him while Justin fingers his hole.  They get back to the oral and Antonio holds Justin’s face over his cock as he explodes, and Justin cleans up some of that cum with his mouth and then lets Antonio jerk him off!

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