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Ryan Fields Fucks Vadim Black RawAdd Movie to your Favorites
Vadim Black, Ryan Fields

Vadim Black is back to bottoming after a few lucky scenes where he got to top, but he has plans to mentally escape to his happy place while he’s taking that dick…we’ll see how well that works out for him! He and his scene partner, Ryan Fields, get things started with some kisses, locking lips as they make their way over to the bed and eventually find themselves naked on it. Ryan’s cock comes out and Vadim’s mouth wraps around it while his hand cups Ryan’s balls.

It doesn’t take long for Vadim to get Ryan hard, and then it’s Ryan’s turn to get Vadim’s blood pumping as he gives him oral and makes his dick stand up. When these boys are ready to ditch the foreplay and start fucking, Ryan lubes up and Vadim straddles him, slowly sliding Ryan’s bareback prick into his tight hole, barely able to fit the whole thing in. When he gets his ass warmed up and stretched around Ryan’s big dick, Vadim starts riding that meat while he strokes his own, moaning as he gets it raw and hard.

Next, Ryan takes back control as he stands above Vadim and pumps him full of his dripping cock, pounding him slow and deep so that Vadim can feel his full length inside of his sore ass. A few more good thrusts from Ryan makes Vadim and he’s cumming all over, followed by Ryan who busts a nut between Vadim’s ass cheeks then cleans it up with his mouth!

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