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Damien Kyle Sucks Jaxon Ryder & Gets Jizz On His Tongue

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Damien Kyle, Jaxon Ryder

Said it before and will say it one more time. When a newbie does a a solo and quickly returns, expect great things. Today we welcum back Jaxon Ryder, who creamed like a horn dog in his solo. Damien Kyle is the veteran that will take Jaxon by the dick today. LOL!

It's not like Jaxon has never done guy stuff before. He's had some man meat in his mouth before. "I believe in diversity," he says to the cameraman. "Enjoy what you have." When it comes to the gender that offers better blow job, Jaxon gives the prize to the ladies. This, of course, means Damien will have to prove this theory wrong. The lads lose the clothes and go butt to butt. The cameraman thinks the boot-ays are similar. "Mine is a bit more squishy," Jaxon notes. What do you all think?

After the boys get naked, Damien gives Jaxon a sweet kiss. The newbie returns the smooches. "Sit down," Damien says. Jaxon does so, and Damien gets on his knees. He swallows Jaxon's johnson, going all the way to the pubes. The newbie leans back as Damien works his magic skills. The veteran gets on the bed and Jaxon returns the favor. Initially, he stays focused on Damien's head. "Go all the way down," Damien whispers. Jaxon does, getting that sausage slick with spit. The newbie picks up the sucking speed, even jerks that hard tool. "Fuck, yeah," Damien whispers. Let's call it now. Jaxon can no longer be called a newbie. Dude has some skills! :-)

Jaxon jerks the rod like he wants a creamy treat. He alternates from stroking to sucking, that pink tongue swirling the head. "Oh, I'm about to cum," Damien moans. Jaxon keeps his mouth open and lets some of the jizz hit his tongue and lips. "Stand up," Damien says. "I want to get you off." Such a polite fellow. Damien gets on his knees, and returns to sucking Jaxon off. Sucking sounds and groans fill the studio. Damien opens his mouth and Jaxon jerks his cum into the veteran's mouth. "I may have to reconsider my comparison," Jaxon notes after he calms down. The lads give each other props for sucking skills. And let's be honest: both should be proud of their dick mastery!

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