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Damien Kyle, Mick Torrence

"We're going to fuck the shit out of each other."

Do you really want to know anything else after Mick Torrence (AKA "Sex god") makes the above
announcement, and his scene partner is Damien Kyle? What else does a BSB horn dog need if
two are going to flip-flop?

Damien and Mick have been hanging out the week before this shoot. The cameraman wonders if
they are are "good bros." They assure they are. The cameraman notes bros should kiss.

"I don't know if we're that bro," Mick says.

Mick might be mistaken because they sure do look sexy lip locking. The first kiss is a bit too brief
for the cameraman.

"The shit we get into. Fuck," Damien exclaims before they kiss again.

Mick pulls away, still not impressed.

"I think that's worse than sucking a dick," he observes.

So they get to the easy part, pole love. LOL! Damien hits his knees and licks Mick's tool.

"Oh, shit," Mick whispers.

Damien is doing his best to swallow all of the sword, but it's no easy task. However, it does make
him excited. His own meat is standing straight up, pointing to the ceiling.

Soon enough Mick has to return the favor. Damien sits on the edge of the bed, and Mick opens up
wide. As he sucks, he fondles Damien's cum heavy nuts.

"Go all the way down," Damien commands.

Mick does what's he told, making sure his nose touches Damien's shaved pubes. Soon enough it's
time for Mick to give up his other hole.

He gets on his back, as Damien finds the lube. Before Damien enters, his fingers poke a little to
open up Mick up. Almost impossible to do because that hole is tight. Damien enters slow and
raw; Mick bites his lower lip.

"Easy, nice and slow," he begs.

He repositions himself and Damien works his way back home. The strokes are slow and Mick is
getting a taste of how his bottoms feel. He even puts his hand on Damien's thigh to keep the
thrusting from going so deep. Damien isn't going to let a little resistance keep him from filling
Mick's ass up.

"Oh, fuck," Mick whimpers.

He tries to back away, but Damien keeps returning him to that meat. Going balls deep, making
sure the newly minted bottom boy feels every stroke.

It's time for the old switch. Damien gets on his back, and in one movement Mick is fucking with the
full length of his shaft. He pulls Damien's hairy legs apart so he can get as much ass as possible.

Damien is moaning, but he's taking everything Mick has. Which is a lot. The pounding turns faster
as Damien grabs the soles of his feet.

"Fuck that," Damien orders.

Mick does so, making certain his balls smack Damien's ass. He even leans down to jerk his bottom
off. Damien takes over his own stroking so Mick can focus on pummeling that sweet ass. Soon
enough Damien's load explodes, landing all over his well defined abs.

Mick pulls out to take care of his own needs. When he shoots, his cum mixes in with Damien's.

"Hope you guys enjoyed that," Mick says to the camera.

Did you? :-)

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