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Denver Grand (from Broke Straight Boys TV Show Season 1)Add to Favorites
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5.7 (170cm)
  • Weight: 170 (77 kg)
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.45/5

In his own words:

"When I am not jerking off I like to play guitar and eat. "

Our comments:

"Denver is a Marine with a lot to offer. He has a nice body, ass, and cock. It is a real treat to have him here on BSB."

Producer comments:

"I wish I could be the one to break that ass in!"

  • Paul Canon, Denver Grand Flip Fuck

    Broke Straight Boys TV Show: Denver Grand is back! The boy with the bubble butt is paired with Paul Canon for some flip-flop fun. Denver Grand claims Paul's ass first, and then Denver gets his own ass stretched until they can't fuck anymore!

  • Denver Pride 2014

    Join the boys at Denver Pridefest, one of the largest in the country. Hang out with the boys as they meet their fans and have a good time celebrating pride and diversity in the LGBT community!

  • Adam Baer & Denver Grand

    Adam Baer and Denver Grand start this update with heavy kissing. Adam sucks pole first and Denver is pleased with the sensations. Denver turns more impressed when he sits on Adam's hard rod. When Denver gets on his back, Adam goes deep and strong!

  • Bsb Tv Outtv Commercial

    Broke Straight Boys is going global! Don't miss this hilarious behind the scenes peek at the new BSB TV commercial for the Canadian TV Network OutTV. Starring Denver Grand, producers Mark & Damian, Chad, and his special co-star Samantha.

  • Denver Grand A.t.m. (ass To Mouth)

    Denver Grand plays guitar and sings his latest tune: A.T.M. (Ass to mouth)

  • Johnny Forza & Denver Grand

    Johnny Forza and Denver Grand star in this weekend's sizzling update. Denver gives up his succulent backside for Johnny to explore. The blond stud rides Denver all over the BSB bed until both release juicy loads! You don't want to miss this video!

  • Brandon Beal & Denver Grand

    Denver Grand and Brandon Beal are the thespians for today's episode. Brandon's ass has never been explored before, but Denver gives it the type of treatment we've all been waiting for. Brandon returns the favor, and the scene ends in a juicy climax!

  • Denver Grand & Trey Evans

    Denver Grand and Trey Evans play today with an energetic flip flop. Watch as Trey's creamy load shoots over his head. Denver's load is just as copious! Both lads had a good time. So will you.

  • Denver Grand & Kodi

    BSB studs Kodi and Denver heat up the bed this week. There's lots of romance and deep ass drilling -- Kodi takes the anal exploration like a trooper. Both are at the top of their games in this thrilling vid!

  • 2012 New York Pride

    Blake Bennet, Denver Grand, Cole Gartner and Jason Matthews are in New York City for the 2012 NY Pride.

  • Spencer Todd & Denver Grand

    Reliable, and hot, performers Denver Grand and Spencer Todd are paired this weekend. Spencer is in the mood for man tail, and Denver offers his for as much filling as possible.

  • 2012 Denver Pride

    Broke Straight Boys Denver Grand, Spencer Todd, Kodi, Jason, Chad and Rob Ryder are in Colorado for the 2012 Denver Pride.

  • Denver Grand & Jason

    We took a little trip to Denver, Colorado and brought with us Denver Grand and Jason. Watch these guys fuck like two Colorado jackrabbits in this HOT update!

  • Denver Grand & Anthony

    Anthony and Denver meet for the first time. Denver gives Anthony the type of fuck only a good bottom boy can appreciate.

  • 2012 Ft Lauderdale Pride

    The boys are in Fort Lauderdale for Pride.

  • Denver Grand & Colin

    Denver and Colin are in the studio with a plan to get hot and heavy with one another. Watch as these cock sucking experts try to out do each other before one of these boys gets his ass thoroughly fucked!

  • Denver Grand & Conner

    Connor and Denver trade oral skills before one of these boys gets fucked. They have a very special surprise that you can't even read about so make sure you watch right to the end!

  • Blake Bennet, Ty & Denver Grand

    Ty and Denver are here to teach Blake some new cock sucking skills, however, their tuition takes a new turn and things get seriously hot! Watch what happens when Blake goes out of his comfort zone!

  • Twister

    Some of our Broke Straight Boys play Twister the game.

  • Denver & Darren

    Denver is lucky to have Darren show him the ropes when sucking on another guys cock. What else does Darren have in his bag of tricks that he can initiate Denver into? Watch and find out for yourself!

  • Denver Grand

    Is Denver a relative of the much loved Diesal? While we may never find out, there is no doubt that Denver makes an impressive solo. Watch and decide for yourself if he is going to be Diesal 2!

  • Conner & Denver Grand

    The Big Redwood is back, along with Denver. Today, they play around with some cock sucking before doing something extra special. Make sure you watch right to the very end for a pleasant surprise!

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  • variegatedloon on 01/03/2014

    Bring him back, what a hunk!

    • barlow1 on 09/11/2013

      This guy was born for radio,TV host/personality.His voice would grant him a 2ndjob for sure fulpkg

      • bigpop on 07/05/2013

        Where is Denver! Come back you are so hot.

        • derf58 on 03/06/2013

          Denver, you're one of the hottest men I have ever saw. Your personality is great amd unique.

          • cward4071 on 01/16/2013

            DG's integrity is the most valuable asset BSB could get - use him, often & a lot harder

            • massmike on 01/07/2013

              Denver is so hot! Love to see him in s 3 way with Connor and Blake

              • anonymous on 10/25/2012

                he is so cute i love it

                • Urbano on 10/09/2012

                  Den needs 2 learn how to kiss. It seems he's about to bite Spencer's face/lips for his next meal!!Ha

                  • Urbano on 10/09/2012

                    Denver n Jason know what it takes n hav a grand attitude n seemed to be lov by all. Hard workers!?

                    • Urbano on 10/09/2012

                      Den is straigt? He wants $$ n will do whatever. Newbee til now,jovial attitude is great guys lov him