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Brandon Beal Slams Denver Grand's Man Hole

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Denver Grand, Brandon Beal

Has anyone noticed when Denver Grand is around, he has some crazed story to share? In his last scene, he told a pee tale (the urine wasn't his). Apparently the night before this scene was shot, he and a BSB newbie (inquiring minds what to know!) were out for some fun. The cameraman wonders if Mr. Grand could tell if unnamed newbie would return for some man-on- man action. "That's not a conversation topic of two guys, out on the prowl, at bars," Denver says. Brandon Beal's response to the image of a "silent" Denver is priceless. "The way you talk," Brandon says with a chuckle. "Because I don't pretendI don't have sex with men," Denver replies. "Sorry. I'm legit with it. I have had sex with a man." "Nooooo. Really," Brandon asks in mock horror. Denver then offers what should be printed on all BSB material. "Sometimes it has to be done. Somebody has to do it. Somebody has to dig a hole. Somebody has to suck a dick." Brandon, and the cameraman, find humor inthis philosophical perspective. However, too much theorizing keeps the booty away. While listening to Brandon and Denver talk is sexy, in a nerdy way, it's time for them to suck a dick. :-) "We are going to have some gay sex today," Denver says to the camera. "Let's have some gay sex," Brandon adds. The two studs start kissing. Denver grabs Brandon's head and Brandon puts his hand on his scene partner's side. What's the deal with Denver's arms? Have they enlarged over the summer? The necking continues as the two lose their shirts and pants. Soon enough they are only in their underwear, passionately locking lips. The canoodling ends and Denver puts his mouth on Brandon's blind butler. Denver's dick sucking is always first rate. He keeps it sloppy and noisy, makes sure the tongue licks the head, and keeps his hand on the shaft. "Damn," Brandon whispers. "Fuck. You are so good." Denver needs a break. He kisses Brandon, whose underwear is still around his ankles, and let's his partner do some work. Alas, Brandon doesn't deep throat. Yet, he does know how to use spit on a bloated sausage. "Oh, fuck," Denver utters. He pushes his partner's head down, and Brandon gags for a second. "You ready to get fucked," Denver asks. "Fuck, yeah," Brandon replies. Brandon's ass cherry has never been tapped, so this is a special moment. He brings those glorious thighs to his chest, and Denver aims for the uncharted territory. For a newbie fuckee, Brandon is a trooper. Asks Denver to slow down once, but that's it. "So fucking tight," Denver moans as he goes in and out. "You are so fucking good," Brandon sobs. Denver's speed picks up and Brandon's moans get loader when his top goes balls deep. "Oh, fuck," Brandon whispers. Brandon kisses Denver and announces, "my turn." Denver doesn't complain, and the two switch positions. Unlike Denver, Brandon goes balls to the wall. As we all know Denver can take a good fucking. Look how hard his dick is as he gets pounded! "Oh fuck," Denver says. "Oh, yeah." Brandon starts fucking harder because you can hear skin against skin. Denver jerks himself and cum lands right above his belly button. Brandon doesn't pull out until he gets some good strokes in. He pulls out and his juice covers Denver's pubes. What's the best way to end a scene like this? More necking!

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