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Straight Bros Are There For Girls But They Don't Show UpAdd Movie to your Favorites
Derek Coen, Tony Michaels, Jesse Plaid

I have back Derek who is 18, Jesse, and Tony who is 22. I had two straight guys and one bisexual guy. This was a return visit and I told them that there was a surprise for this shoot. I had Ms. Pebbles come in and introduce herself to the boys. She wanted to see the guys jerk off and if they did a good job then maybe later they would get to fuck her later. The guys went for their clothes and sat down on the couch in their underwear. Ms. Pebbles wanted them to play with each other's dick and they were doing it because she was watching. Tony and Derek started to play Jesse's dick to please Ms. Pebbles. That is when they removed their boxers and started to play with each other's cock. Ms. Pebbles wanted to see Derek give Jesse head for a minute. We moved on to paying $800 for them to start sucking each other's dick. Both Tony and Derek started to suck on Jesse's dick at the same time and then tag teamed it. Ms. Pebbles was sitting in a chair right next to me touching herself watching the boys give oral. After Jesse was done then Derek moved to the middle seat in the couch and Jesse was the first to suck his cock. Ms. Pebbles got a toy and started to use a vibrator at the same time watching the guys get off. Tony joined and I was impressed that they didn't stop every two seconds. I told her that if they started to fuck that they would get to do more with Ms. Pebbles. She is very good at getting the guys to do what she wants, and I don't really have to step in. Derek got in behind Jesse again to fuck him, but this time he was doing it for a girl. Derek got the condom on and put his cock in Jesse's ass. The two of them started to fuck, and Tony bent over and placed Jesse's cock in his mouth. The three of them kept interacting and I was very excited to see how things were going in the shoot. Jesse was putting up with getting fucked very well, and he kept his face turned toward Tony to hide the pain from Ms. Pebbles. Listen to the sounds of them fucking and Derek was fucking him really hard. After a while of the fucking, Ms. Pebbles wanted to see them cum. I brought up the fact that it would be hot if they cummed all over one person. Ms. Pebbles wanted to see Tony hop in the models of all that cum. The two guys jerked off over Tony's upper chest and Derek was the first one to shot his load all over his upper chest. Jesse shot his load soon after and Tony was covered in cum and wanted in the shower bad. He made me stop the camera and said that he was not going to be able to get off because it was just a turn off. I told him that I wasn't going to be able to pay him the full amount because of this. He was very embarrassed and so I kept it all off of camera because I could tell that he was a little upset with me. They all did a great shoot with one another and I hope that they will continue to come back to Broke Straight Boys.

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