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Desperate Robert Jerks It For The Camera For First TimeAdd Movie to your Favorites
Robert Harding

It ain't easy being a student nowadays, especially with a job market that is crappy. So here is Robert Harding. The 20-year-old goes to school, but has no cash at the moment. "I really hate living with the two people I'm living with," he says to the cameraman. "Being a starving student doesn't help the situation." So the polite boy has decided to see if money can be earned in jerking off. He's been doing it for awhile. As in a REAL long time. Robert started feeling himself up when he was 6. His first self inflicted orgasm came at 12. "I was so proud of myself. Yes. I finally I hit puberty." As he tells this story, the tall drink of water is taking off clothes. Hard not to fall for a man with a hairy chest. When he sits down, Robert immediately starts jerking it. No newbie nerves with him. He zones out, rubbing his chest and fucking his hand. Those meaty thighs go up and down like he's laying pipe to someone. Doesn't he give the vibe of being a good fuck? :-) He gets on the bed, shaking his stick. The newbie is really putting on a show, writhing on the bed. Whispering to himself. Feeling up and down his stomach. Robert opens his legs and there is a peek of his hairy hole. The stud lifts himself off the bed and fucks his hand. There is a method to his stroking madness. Robertalternates from short and fast, to slow and sensuous. The stud gets on his knees. "You want it? You want this big load?" Robert answers the questionswith streaks of jizz that soaks the sheets. The stud even plays with the juice. Want to bet he's tasted it before? :-) "Much love, guys," Robert says. "Much love. Hope you enjoyed it." Did you?

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