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Lucas Sucks Reluctant Mike's Dick Until He OrgasmsAdd Movie to your Favorites
Lucas Weston, Mike Parker

Does the term newbie still apply to Lucas? Dude did get cream pied in his last scene, and it seems wrong to call someone a novice who had cum deposited in his hole. LOL! So part time neophyte Lucas has returned to be paired with honest to goodness rookie Mike. Lucas' cash flow has not improved since his first scene. Unfortunately his father lost the house, and they are sharing a motel room. Lucas is not very keen about that situation. "I need to get more money for an apartment," he says to the cameraman. Lucas turns chatty Kathy and doesn't give Mike any chance to discuss his bank account. However, we do discover how he feels about sucking pole for the first time. "Definitely terrified," he announces. Is there anything more dramatic than straight boy hysteria? LOL! We do learn something about Mike. He's not a fan of receiving blow jobs. Which makes him as rare as a gay unicorn. :-) Lucas lost the coin flip and sucks first. He does his "oh my god, please don't make me do this" face, but does it anyway. Mike closes his eyes and tries to relax as his scene partner blows away. Telling from how hard his tool gets, Mike must be liking something. :-) As for Lucas, he sure knows how to tongue a shaft. Even gags like a pro. :-) Let's be honest though. If he's going to get his own place, he needs to return to let Mike's horse dick fill up his hole. :-) Lucas gets on his knees, still giving oral love to that monster meat. He rubs Mike's balls and pays close attention to the bulbous head. "I fucking hate this," Lucas whines. "Goddam." That is said as he wipes effort tears from his face. Despite his disdain, Lucas works extra hard to make Mike nut. Jerking and sucking at once, but nothing brings the skinny lad to the edge of jizz town. "How long do I have to do this shit," Lucas complains. He complains he better get the money promised. Don't worry, Lucas. You will. LOL! He gets on the couch for Mike to return the favor. After one second of dick in his mouth, the polite boy pulls up. "I don't think I can really do this," reluctant Mike informs. And scene! Should Mike get another chance at redemption? :-)

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