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Carter Blane & Kyler Benz Suck Cock Then Fuck Add Movie to your Favorites
Carter Blane, Kyler Benz

How can you not fall for Carter Blane? He's always ready to play when he's on the BSB bed. Notice how he rubs himself during the entire interview with the cameraman? Today Carter will be bedding down Kyler Benz. Mr. Kyler shares Carter's body type (no tan), and his hair cut resembles Kodi's coif. "Word on the street is Kyler is a pretty good bottom," the cameraman says. Carter gives a sly grin and Kyler blushes. No need sweetie! Enjoy your well earned reputation. LOL! Clothes are removed and stroking begins. Carter gets hard first, of course, and Kyler gets to sucking. This isn't Kyler's first blow job, and considering his partner's size that's a good thing. It's always fun to watch a pro mouth love monster meat. Kyler is grooving to it all because his knob is stiff the entire time. However, it's soon time for Carter to show off his skills. Kyler is a moaning and a groaning, face fucking our Carter. His sweet tongue swirls the head and licks the tool like it's candy. Which it sort of is. :-) Notice how Carter's eyes get all watery from the work? Carter has a need to stick his candy cane in Kyler's no-no place. At first Kyler sits on it, trying to get used to its size. He doesn't go all the way down, but we can tell he's feeling the power of the Carter hurricane. Why do some dudes get sexier by moaning? :-) Kyler gets on his side and Carter takes complete control. He's pounding his bottom and Kyler grabs the sheets. He's whimpering, but Kyler's joy spot is enjoying the invasion. Too bad Carter didn't lean over and plant a kiss on Kyler's mouth to keep him quiet. LOL "Oh, fuck yeah," Kyler moans. The fucking puts Kyler over the edge and cum splatters all over his stomach. Carter pulls out and strokes himself. Kyler snuggles up caresses Carter's belly button. Soon enough Carter's juice mingles with Kyler's load. "He's pretty good," Carter says to the cameraman about his freshly busted partner. Aren't you all glad Kyler has come back to model with BSB? Who can you imagine lovingly fucking him next? :-)

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