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Dexter Graf

There is a new boy in town and his name is Dexter Graf. Sitting cross legged on the bed, Dexter has
a smile on his face that says he can't quite believe he is about to shake his stuff in front of
camera. I pulled in close with the camera, panning down Dexter's lean body and then concentrated on
his crotch, zooming in on the hole in his combat patterned shorts. With an obliging grin, Dexter
poked a finger through the hole and gently scratched his leg even as he said he was doing the solo
exhibition as he needed money for car repairs. He went on to say that he jerks off about once a day
but it didn't matter if it was morning or evening, just when the fancy struck. Leaning back a
little, Dexter lifted up his white singlet, showing off an impressive set of abs that Dexter said he
had worked hard to achieve.

With his singlet top still pulled up, Dexter reached down and started to rub his dick through his
shorts as he recalled that he first jerked off when he was only eleven years old. He had been too
young to really cum but it was obviously something he had improved on over time. Dexter took off his
shorts and underwear, sliding them down his legs and onto the floor. With his cock and balls on show
to the world, I asked him if I could get a better look with the camera, something Dexter was all too
happy for me to do. Spreading his legs wide, Dexter had a cheeky grin on his face as I closed in on
his half hard dick and low hanging balls. Lifting his balls, Dexter laughed as he played with them
only to laugh all the more when he rolled over and showed off his virgin ass hole. With Dexter more relaxed, it was time that he got down to
the nitty gritty.

Giving his dick a couple of pumps, Dexter reached around for the lube and slicked up his dick before
moving to sit up against the headboard of the bed. Dexter pulled his singlet up over his chest again
as he put in some hard wrist action.As his hand slid up and down his hardening shaft, Dexter said
that he was twenty years old, almost twenty one. Dexter stripped off his white singlet as he shifted
up onto his knees, cheekily gazing right into the camera and giving it a hearty 'hello!' Once his
dick was standing to attention, Dexter let his dick go and showed off a unique talent as his dick
jumped and twitched of it's own accord. Wrapping his hand around his cock shaft once again, Dexter
leisurely wanked himself off. Every now and again, Dexter twisted his hand around the tip of his
dick before sliding his hand down the length of his shaft and back again. He paused briefly to
reapply some more lube but quickly went back to the task of self pleasuring. Flipping over onto his
stomach, Dexter pushed his dick back through his legs as he kept jerking himself off. It was a
difficult position but Dexter managed to keep sliding his hand up and down his cock shaft but was
made to concentrate his efforts on the head of his dick. A moment later, Dexter reached around and
pulled his butt cheeks apart, displaying his ass hole to the camera.

He quickly went back to wanking off, only to pause again in order to lightly run a fingertip around
the rim of his nipple. I suggested Dexter make himself more comfortable and Dexter nodded, a
somewhat shy smile on his face at the thought of shooting his load. Rolling over onto his back,
Dexter squirted lube over his cock as he put in some hard wrist action. His hand flew up and down
his thick shaft as he got closer and closer to cumming. Every now and again, Dexter rubbed his ball
sac with his fingertips as he got more excited. Shifting slightly, the sweat was beading across his
brow as it was obvious that Dexter was just about to shoot his load. Sure enough, with one.. two..
three pumps of his cock, Dexter sprayed cum over his stomach and into his shaved pubes, the cum
dribbling over his fingers.

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