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Bisexual Brian Says He Isn't A Top Or BottomAdd Movie to your Favorites
Brian Koch

We introduce new comer Brian. Brian is a hot smooth twink 19 year old with some porn experience. I like bringing these type of boys and matching them up with the non-experienced, curious straight boys to see how the action will be. Brian is actually a struggling college student that considers himself bisexual. He does have sex with guys off camera and does some escorting on the side to make extra bucks to help pay for rent, school and other bills he has. Before I place boys like this with other models, I first like them doing a solo so I can get some kind of idea the comfort level in front of the lights and camera. I had him undress and he has a really tight twink body, smooth hairless boy. Although he is 19, he as this adorable boyish looks and really hot lips. Just with any solo, Brian gets comfy on the futon and starts stroking his hard cock. I really liked Brian's solo because he made love to the camera. I also think he has bottomed in the past since when he was stroking his hard cock, his feet went up and he started playing with his tight boy hole...but I think he stopped because he was not sure he wanted to tell me if he was a bottom or top or whatever...but I guess I knew the answer to that and I was already planning his next visit. As the camera rolled and I had visions of fantasy in my head, Brian then couldn't hold off any longer and spurted out his hot cum...he's some shooter! This is a really nice solo and a very hot cute boy that will be seen again!

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