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Watch these two work out shirtless. They talk about going to the beach while spotting each other benching. Brodie starts rubbing his dick beneath his shorts as he watches Brad bench. Clearly with his mind on other things besides the weights, he takes his shorts off and Brad wastes no time taking that dick in his mouth. Brodie fucks his throat, Brad still laying on the bench. He starts jerking himself off as he sucks Brodie, working his tongue around the shaft. This makes Brodie so horny, he just wants to fuck. Brad lays down on the bench with his legs up as Brodie slowly inserts his dick.


They are both very verbal, talking dirty to each other as they fuck. Brad holds onto the barbell, gritting his teeth while Brodie thrusts inside of him. They switch positions for Brodie to hit it doggystyle, their moans growing louder. Switching positions again, Brad lays on his side while Brodie's muscled body holds up Brad's leg. He asks Brodie to fuck him harder, moving onto his back and jerking himself off to finish on his stomach. Brad takes him in his mouth again to help him finish with a blowjob, pulling out at the last second to cum on Brad's chest.

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