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Ryan Is One Horny Motherfucker & Fucks Xavier Raw & HardAdd Movie to your Favorites
Xavier Ryan, Ryan Pitt

Even though Ryan Pitt has been touching himself all day, he’s still horny and ready to fuck cute and feisty Xavier Ryan. They make out on the couch, their legs intertwined as Ryan pulls out Xavier’s big dick and starts to stroke it while they kiss, his own bulge showing in his pants as he stands up and lets Xavier suck his big dick.  Xavier’s hot mouth travels up and down that shaft, catching Ryan’s balls between his lips and sucking those too as he works that long, curved cock. Ryan sits back on the couch, relaxing as he watches Xavier deepthroat his rock hard dick until he wants more than that amazing mouth and helps Xavier climb onto his lap and sit on his throbbing prick.

Riding that cock reverse cowboy, Xavier shifts his weight up and down as Ryan holds him close and then turns Xavier around to face him, that tight little hole stretching as Xavier is filled to capacity with Ryan’s thick member.  Ryan stands up with Xavier in his arms as he bounces that sweet ass up and down on his cock and then throws Xavier onto the couch to dominate him harder and deeper, wrapping his hand around Xavier’s throat as he fucks him raw. Xavier plays with himself as Ryan takes him in a few more positions until Xavier climbs back on Ryan’s cock and rides it until he cums across Ryan’s chest and then kneels between his knees as Ryan finishes, his jizz erupting from his cock as he milks out every last drop.

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