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Straight School Buddies Rim & Fuck For Cash

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Cole, Alex Perry

Cole is back again for another shoot, and the last time he was here doing a shoot he did an oral scene with a buddy from school. His buddy wasn't really into the scene, but Cole did a great job in the shoot. That is why I invited him back for another shoot, and this time I wanted to see if he would do more on camera. Cole had hopes that he was going to be doing a scene with a girl, but I told him it was going to be with a good friend of mine. Alex came into the room and took a seat on the couch next to Cole. I explained how Alex had a fantasy of having sex with straight guys. Figuring that Cole could help make that fantasy come true and Cole asked if he would be the one sticking it in Alex. I offered Cole some good money if he would let Alex here fuck him for the first time. He stood up and was going to try and walk out on me. What I did was sent Alex into the other room to give Cole a chance to think about the money and if he would want to do the shoot. We talked about how Cole only had to take it up the ass for a few minutes. He was concerned about if it would hurt or not, and I explained that things would go easy and with lube things would be fine. Cole agreed to do the shoot and I told him that he didn't have to suck Alex's dick. Alex returned to the room and I told him that his fantasy was going to come true. I had the two of them start by getting undressed and stripping down to getting naked. Cole likes to go shopping for his clothes at American Eagle, and Hollister we found out. He took a seat on the couch and Alex took his mouth and began to give a very good blow job. As he sat there, I could tell that he was very nervous and was having some trouble getting hard. However, he did comment on how the blow job was better than the last shoot he did. Finally, Cole was able to relax and we could tell that he was enjoying the blow job as he placed Alex down for more.


Alex was getting him close to cumming and so he had Alex suck on his balls a little bit. I told them that I would like to see them fuck, and to open up the futon for us to move on the shoot. The easiest way to get started was to have Cole get into the doggie style position to get fucked. I told Alex that it would be cool to see if Alex would rim him first. Both guys agreed to do it, and Alex placed his face in Cole's ass. As the warm, moist tongue began to rub up against Cole's hole, he began to scrum like a girl. Alex put on a condom and got in behind Cole, however the nerves came back and Cole wanted to switch rolls. Cole was now more interested in topping in the shoot than bottoming. He wouldn't even try a toy. Alex didn't really care how we got started, so he climbed onto Cole and started to ride his cock. Adjusting to having a cock in his ass, Alex took a few minutes and then the real fucking was able to begin. The two of them started getting into the sex in this position and then we switched to having him on his back in the shoot. This was a lot easier for Cole to be able to get in deeper, and Alex took it like a champ. Cole was getting into it and moved Alex into how he wanted to do things. Placing one leg down to the side and one against his chest for easier access. Going into the doggie style position, Cole pulled on Alex's shoulder to get him coming back for more. Finally, the two of them stopped and jerked off next to each other. As they stroked their cocks, Alex couldn't take his eyes off of Cole's cock. Alex was the first one to shoot his load, and it went all over his hand. Alex was out of breath from all the work and lied there resting. Cole got back into the stroking and it only took him another minute before he too shot his load all over his cock and hand. He worked hard for the money he earned and I was glad to have him back for some more work.

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