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Abel Touches His Privates Until He Cranks One Out

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Abel Conrad

Abel's smile will cause knees to buckle. The newbie has a sexy grin that more than likely gets him everything he wants. The tanned boy wants extra cash for a deposit on a house, so he came to us. His girlfriend has no idea what Abel is doing. "What do you think she would think of this," the cameraman asks. "I don't know," Abel responds with that "let me make your pussy moist" grin. "Probably wouldn't like it, but I don't know. She is a surprising girl." Abel's sex life is active and that matches his extracurricular activities. He does everything from baseball to jumping off mountains. No wonder Abel is tan all over. When he takes off his clothes it's easy to see how his body is toned from all that outdoor play. He gets on the bed and starts stroking it. That tool gets ready to play, but damn! Look at those nuts. Shaved and so tasty looking. Abel strokes his firm chest and those nipples stand out. Does his lady friend lick them? When he gets on his knees, Abel reaches for lube. His jerking technique is rather standard, but it does the job. LOL! He peeks at the camera, but is too horned up to pay us much attention. Abel gets on his stomach, giving a view of his perfectly tanned ass. He reaches back and strokes his meat, but it will be hard not to be distracted by those fuzzy butt cheeks. When he spreads one of those cheeks, there's a peek of his virgin hole. Let's call it now. It must be stuffed with dick!!! The cutie gets on his back and jerks away. His big toes curl and those yummy thighs shake. His pace picks up "I'm going to cum," Abel whispers. Man juice lands all over his stomach. After he calms down, he offers us a contented smile. Did Abel's solo make you contented?

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