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Desperate Angel Jerks It For The First Time In Front Of A Camera

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Angel M

Today's newbie is soft spoken Angel. Turn up the volume on this video because this is a quiet stud. And we all know the silent ones are all trouble. LOL! Angel isn't here because he needs cash (per se). He just decided it was time to show off. And with his looks, who can blame him? When it comes to beating his meat, Angel's time is dependent on his love life. "If I'm not getting any pussy, I normally jerk off two times a day." The cameraman asks what Angel likes to do. "I like to play," he responds. "Play what," the cameraman wonders. "All kind of things," Angel replies with the type of grin that made many a gal pull down her panties. He plays with his tender nipples as the camera scans his torso. Angel is skinny, the type of date your grandmother would love to feed! His porn tastes run toward she-male and lesbian. His soft dick looks like it might be a more than a mouthful (he hasn't measured it since he was young). You lovers of hair will adore his legs, pubes, and mini 'fro on his chest. When he touches his dick, Angel can't help but moan. Dude is horned up. The jerking gets his meat to full staff. He speed jerks, a surprise considering how slowly he talks. His balls are hairy pink eggs. Angel is certainly a groaner. Can't keep him quiet when booty is involved. :-) He cups his balls as he jerks away. We do get a peek of his hole. Wonder if he's ever let anyone play with it? "Oh, fuck," he whispers. Angel nuts and a part of the load lands in his hairy belly button. The rest coats his pubes and hand. So? What say you? Another round for this Angel?

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