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European & Brazillian Guys Jerk & Suck When Girl Doesn't Show Up

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Mauricio, Vinny

Mauricio and Vinny were playing basketball out on the court by my house, and both of them were really good. When they seemed to get to a point where they were taking a break for some water I approached them about doing some work for me. I told them just the basic details and they agreed to check out my studio and see what I was all about. When we start down and started talking to both of them I found out that Mauricio is really from Europe, and Vinny came here from Brazil. I asked the guys to stand up and show their stuff. Vinny was the first one to strip off his shirt, and show his chest and stomach. Mauricio did the same and seemed a little more tone in the chest. Both guys thought about tag teaming a girl and they were down for jerking off next to each other. Mauricio had a fantasy of having sex in the outdoors and Vinny wants to do it in a public place. I told both of them my fantasy of having two hot guys kiss and I asked if they would do it. There was a very awkward moment as Mauricio leaned in to Vinny and their lips touched for a kiss. They both agreed to do another one, and the second kiss was a little longer and with some tongue. I told them that I was going to put in a porn and they could start to get into the shoot slowly. Pulling out their cocks the two of them started to jerk off next to each other. With their heads back Mauricio reached over and took a hold of Vinny's cock to jerk him off. Vinny went along with the moment and started to jerk off Mauricio at the same time. The two of them will a little uncomfortable with talking so much on camera and me if we could do most of the talking off camera so that they just had to do the shoot. I asked them if they would keep going with my fantasy. Interlocking lips they started to kiss once more as they jerked off on the couch together. I was surprised that the two of them would get a little passionate in their kissing. The shoot got to another point where I stopped the camera and asked them if they wouldn't mind doing a little oral. I told them what I normally paid for doing the scene and they wanted an extra $100 on top of that. I figured we were already in the scene, and they were two hot looking boys to go ahead and do it. Mauricio leaned over and took Vinny's cock in his mouth to start to give him head. Right away, Vinny started to make some moaning and was enjoying the oral. I was glad to see that because that made it so much easier on my part. I could tell that Mauricio would concentrate on the head of the penis and then was able to fit most of the cock in his mouth. When I felt that I had enough I asked the two of them to switch and Vinny repeated what Mauricio did to him. Mauricio slipped his shorts down to the floor to get a little more comfortable. He only ended up giving head for a few short minutes before they started to jerk off once again. I was ready to see the two of them shot their loads and I had no idea who was going to go first. Both guys seemed to be jerking their dicks really hard and fast. As they jerked off they would go in for a kiss and then just keep going. I was very happy with the shoots, and excited to get to see them blow their loads for a good ending. Vinny was the first one to shot on his lower stomach and he let out several load breaths. Mauricio shot a huge load that shot right over his head onto the back of the couch and then the rest went on his stomach. Both guys said that they would like to come back for another shoot and who knows maybe they would do more. It made me think that with being room Mauricio, could there be a start to a new type of relationship?

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