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Shane Trump Shows Off His Cock & Stokes It

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Shane Trump

It will be hard to be grumpy about the start of March with Shane Trump in the BSB studio. He's a fan of skiing and hanging out at beach. The newbie would jerk off more than once a week, but has a number of roommates. Alone time is rare, and once a roommate caught him taking of his needs. Sounds like a good start to a video, no? LOL! He's willing to give us a show because he needs quick cash. "I got some problems with my car I have to fix up. " Although he's nervous, Shane has a great grin and hot hairy booty. The tale of getting caught stroking must be a good memory because he's semi-hard when the black undies are removed. Shane takes a seat, gets some lube, and starts taking care of his meat. In no time, he's blissed out. Even plays a little with his chest. Those nipples do look like they need to be nibbled on. Shane nuts would make a mouthful and his tool is a stout piece. Wonder if he's willing to bust a bottom with it? :-) Shane is one of those slow self pleasure type of guys. Makes sure the entire length of the shaft gets treated right. Also gives off a vibe that he likes to be touched right, which makes him more than perfect for BSB. He gets back on the couch, that thick tool begging for relief. For a dude who has a smooth chest, Shane's legs are covered with dark fur. Sexy beast! All of his attention is on getting off. It's like no one else is in the room. When it gets to nutting time, his mouth partly opens. Shane's tongue flicks slowly over his lips. "I'm going to cum," he whispers. His load shoots straight up, almost filling that belly button. The milky white juice makes his pubes wet and sticky. Let's call it now. Shane is a keeper who must return for man action. Any questions?

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