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Derek Coen, Jesse Plaid

Jesse is back for another shoot and this is his second time doing a shoot with us. His first shoot was a solo and he is 18. Derek found us on a website and he wanted to get into the adult modeling. His girlfriend was the one that wanted to get him into this. Jesse had to get his car payment paid, and Derek had to pay rent. I told the guys to start by taking off their clothes and they stood up to get undressed. They took off their shirts to show that they both had the same body type. They took off their pants and returned to sitting on the couch to watch a video at the same time as jerking off. I told them to start playing themselves and then when they got turned on to whip out their dicks to show us what they got. After a few minutes of watching the video both guys got hard and so the underwear could come off. They both had really big cocks and I was a little surprised that I had two monster dicks in this shoot. The jerking continued and I was happy to see that we were not having any problems. It was a little quiet and that is when I asked Derek to reach over and touch Jesse's dick. Jesse wouldn't let him do it, and Derek was holding back as well. I then offered an extra $100 bucks for them to try it. Jesse was the first one to reach over and take a hold of Derek's cock, and this was the first time touching another guy's cock. Then, the ball changed around and Derek jerked off Jesse. Both guys were quick to try and pull their hand away from the other one's dick. I got them both to jerk off each there at the same time and that made me pretty excited as well. As long as they were watching the porn than reality wasn't sinking in to their minds. Then, I offered them some more money to try to move on to sucking dicks and this became the frustrating part in the shoot that they would not want to try it. Finally, after all the hassle over pay we agreed on an amount to do the oral. Jesse leaned over and took the cock in his mouth and every couple of minutes he would stop and try and get out of doing it any longer. It was looking very hot watching these two give oral for the first time. After what felt like an eternity to Jesse, it was now Derek's turn to give the oral and I was excited to see what the two of them would do. They acted like it was the worst things in the world. I tried to offer them more money to fuck and Derek flipped me off. I told both of them to just keep going, and they would walk out with some nice money. Neither one was willing to take a dick in the ass and Jesse even started to get dressed. Jesse put his pants on and then Derek got dressed as well. Both guys started to walk out and they were upset with me for surprising me. I ran after them and we talked for a while to calm them down. We agreed that Derek would fuck Jesse and I was going to pay them both $1500 to do the shoot. Jesse got on his back on the bed and Derek proceed to stick his dick inside. Derek was a really straight guy how as never fucked a guy before, because he shoved it in really fast. Then, he started fucking Jesse fast and the two of them had to get a little more relaxed and that is when the hot fucking started. Derek was able to go at a nice speed for a while and I was they actually went a lot longer than I thought they would go. They stopped fucking and faced each other as they jerked off to get to a cum shot. It started looking like it was a race to see which guy was going to go first. Derek blow his load all over Jesse's hand and cock. Jesse didn't stop jerking and used the cum as lube as he jerked off to cum. His cum shot straight up his chest and I was very impressed by the cum shot. The load was spread all over his stomach and was a nice, thick white color. I was very happy with the shoot they did for us.

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