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He Plays With His Thick, Fat, Juicy Wanker Until He Gets Off

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Ryan Davies

Reputation, reputation, reputation. That is why Ryan is here in our studios. "One of my buddies did some work for you guys before," Ryan responds to the cameraman. "And he said it was good money. So I figured I would tryit out." He doesn't have a job right now, but likes to ride bikes. A rather expensive hobby, so cash is required. His lady friend doesn't know he's showing us his goods. "She actually thinks I'm hanging out with a friend for the weekend from out of town," he notes as the camera offers a close up of that delectable chest. He strips and turns around, giving a view of those firm buns. He tosses the undies and faces the camera again. Sweet Mother of all that is holy and perfect. His cut dick is beautiful and bountiful. Ryan remarks it's about 9 inches. He's a daily jerk off master, but can you blame him? Who wouldn't want to play with a toy like that? :-) "It's how I like to go to bed," Ryan notes with a smile. He settles in the couch and starts to stroke himself. Incredibly the monster gets larger. From a certain angle it looks look it reaches his chest. Ryan is quiet when it comes to jerking. But he knows enough play with those heavy balls. The camera zooms in and the shiny head blocks all the light in the room. :-) When he stands up, Ryan's meat leaks pre-cum "Oh, shit. I'm about to cum," Ryan says. He does. The fist stream shoots straight up and lands on his thigh. The stud sits back down, his meat still hard. He takes the cum and rubs itaround his asshole (after the cameraman offers more cash). Ryan has a taste of the jizz, but this is done gratis. He's been sampling his man nectar for awhile. "I think it is a guy thing," Ryan observes. The video ends with the lad licking cum off his fingers. A big dicked model, who plays with his hole, AND laps man milk. Is there a rational reason why Ryan shouldn't make multiple return appearances? :-)

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