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Maverick & Jayden Spank It For Cash

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Jayden, Maverick Ryan

Maverick Ryan is 24 and he came in for an interview and I introduced him to my assistant Miss Pebbles. I explained that he needed to do a scene today in front of pebbles in order to do a scene with her the next time he comes in. Maverick's comment that he was a little nervous and that he needed some more time in order to get hard. Pebbles then had her friend Jayden come in to join in on the shoot. Jayden came in and took a seat on the couch and I explained that I was just going to have them jerk off next each other and there would be no touching. Jayden got undressed and the two of them jerked off watching Miss Pebbles play with her boobs. Pebbles asked if the guys would move closer to each other. She was able to get them to agree to try some oral and Jayden was going to reach over and took Maverick's cock in his mouth. The oral was underway, and Maverick was keep his eyes closed so that he could think of all the nasty things he wanted to do to Pebbles. Jayden was able to get him hard, and to my surprise Jayden seemed very good at giving head for the first time. Miss Pebbles sweet talked Maverick into trying the oral for a few minutes with his eyes closed. Maverick leaned over and took the dick in his mouth and was able to move his mouth up and down on the cock. Jayden played with Maverick's nipples as all this is going on, and Jayden was enjoying the blow job. Maverick paused for a second and I thought he was going to quit on me, but he actually kept going for some more, because out of the corner of his eye he saw Miss Pebbles playing with herself. The two of them changed positions and Jayden got more comfortable laying down and I noticed that the two of them just kept going without me saying anything. Jayden wanted to enjoy all of this and he stroked his cock as he got his balls licked by Maverick. I could tell that Maverick wanted to change things up and so he got down on the floor next to Jayden and he got some lube in his hand so that he could jerk off Jayden. After about a minute of Maverick jerking him off, Jayden shot his load all over his lower stomach. It was very thick and that was one thing that Miss Pebbles noticed right away. Maverick got up off the floor and moved to being on the couch next to Jayden. After a while of trying to shoot his load, Maverick wasn't able to shoot his load. I figured that the scene was little to weird for him so I told him that was ok, and I would just have him come back again. Both guys were excited to get to a chance to fuck Miss Pebbles in the next shoot.

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