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Straight Boy Dan White Jerks Off

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Dan White

There's nothing finer than a straight boy telling a story of a sexual experience that made him all excited. Watch newbie Dan White describe an incident he had with a girl. Apparently he was fingering her and "she was dripping wet." The fortunate mademoiselle pulled his fingers out of her no-no place and started sucking on them. Alas, Dan doesn't do a good job of mimicking how she licked his fingers, but that's OK. We all have vivid imaginations. LOL He has another "interesting" story about his first time jerking off (you'll never look at stuffed toy bunny rabbits the same). As he retells his self love stories, Dan feels himself up through his pants. Please be seated when he drops his trousers. He's diamond hard and when he turns around that bodacious ass shakes! "You have a great butt, Dan," the cameraman says. Our newbie gives a sly "thank you." The kind that sounds like he might be willing to let someone tap that ass. LOL Dan gets on the bed, and quickly starts jerking. Everything about this boy is large, from his backside to his cut sausage. How do the gals handle that nasty, big, ol' thing?! LOL He stares at the camera, biting his lower lip. Dude is sexed up! When he stands up, Dan starts feeling himself up. Stroking his thigh and chest. "You're so rock hard," the cameraman observes. "What are you thinking about," he asks. "I'm just jerking," Dan says with a chuckle. Dan's hand hasn't stopped working since he started. The sound of skin against skin can be heard in the studio. He even cups those nuts of his, which bounce up and down from all the jerking. You were told to sit down when Dan removed his pants. The suggestion is repeated when he returns to the bed, on his tummy. Dan looks at the camera, licking his lips as he raises that ass in the air. He keeps jerking, reaching his arm behind his back. There is a closeup of his hairy hole, and he spreads those cheeks. Little tease! He knows his backside is better than fine. Dan looks at the camera, all sexed up and sexy. When he rolls over on his back, he spreads his legs and continues stroking the mighty meat. The speed doesn't vary, and his hands stroke those inner thighs. He does switch hands and his legs twitch all over the place. There's a moment when he stops and caresses his fat head, but that doesn't last for long. Dan has a nut waiting for him. The toes curl and the breathing turns shallow. Dan's face contorts. Now listen, you best be prepared for Dan's orgasm. The lad gives himself a facial. You ain't blind. You're read right! Dan's cum shoots from his fun gun and covers his face. Surprised he didn't lose an eye! :-) "I would say you earned your money today," the cameraman says. Not only has Dan earned his wages, but a return trip. Anyone want to argue with that? :-)

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