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Darren, Tim

Today, Darren is going to show Tim how to suck cock like a man while Tim is going to be lapping up the attention. It was pretty obvious that Darren was ready to get going as he was already massaging his cock through his jeans even while just chatting with Tim. When I gave the boys the go ahead, Darren ripped off his shirt, the buttons popping every which way while Tim laughed, taking his time with his own shirt. Sliding down the bed, Darren rubbed Tim's dick through the jeans before leaning in and locking lips with Tim. Although such a move took him by surprise, Tim quickly recovered and even put a little bit of tongue into the kissing. Darren kept playing with Tim's dick even as he moved down to lick, suck and nibble at a pink nipple while Tim moaned in pleasure. At Darren's hint, Tim slid down the zipper on his jeans, pushing them down so his cock was able to spring free. Tim had definitely liked being kissed by Darren as his cock was rock hard and ready for some serious action. Grabbing hold of Tim's dick, Darren slowly began to jerk him off, all the while, treating Tim to more sensual man on man kissing.

Darren dived down on Tim's cock, his head bobbing up and down as Tim moaned from the feel of a hot, wet mouth surrounding his dick. It wasn't long before Tim had to take off his jeans completely so that Darren had easier access to his dick and there was no doubt that Tim was loving his first blow job from another guy. As Darren immediately slid the long dick back down his throat, it was pretty clear that Darren didn't mind the taste of dick and in fact, relished the feel of one in his mouth. Tim bent his knees as Darren started to play with his virgin ass hole. Darren opened up wide, swallowing Tim's dick down to the root even as Tim began panting from pleasure. Every now and again, Darren would gently stroke Tim's ass with a fingertip, allowing him to get used to the feel before daring to go a little further. While Tim reached back and clung onto the bed head for dear life, even an experienced cock sucker like Darren proved that it was still easy to choke on a dick every now and again. Even though he was shy, Tim couldn't help but watch as his dick dipped in and out of Darren's mouth. Tim grinned when I asked how Darren was doing with the blowjob, having no hesitation in saying that Darren was doing a great job. On hearing this, Darren let the dick drop from between his lips and locked lips with Tim once again.

I threw Tim for a loop when I asked if he had ever had his ass hole eaten out before, Tim laughing when he said he hadn't. Darren was laughing as well, saying that it was better late than never. Flipping over onto his elbows and knees, Tim waited nervously for Darren to work his magic. Prying Tim's ass cheeks apart, Darren showed off the never-been-touched ass before giving one cheek a hard slap. Squirting some flavored lube into his hand, Darren wiped it over Tim's hole before leaning in close and gently licking at the hole. With one hand resting on the red hand print left behind by the slap, Darren took hold of Tim's dick and started to slowly pump the shaft even as he lavished Tim's ass with attention. Tim wasn't too sure what to think about the new activity but a few moments later and he was moaning like a bitch as Darren worked his magic. Another slap to Tim's ass and a clear outline of a hand print joined the first one. Darren flicked his tongue back and forth over the virgin ass hole, Tim in seventh heaven as he slowly got used to the idea of being rimmed. Slapping the other ass cheek, Darren paused for a moment so he could gather his breathe, all the while, giving the hard cock a few pumps. Spreading Tim's ass again, Darren swirled his tongue right into the pink hole before I suggested it was time for Tim to try sucking cock.

Darren knelt on the bed, his jeans pushed down to his knees as Tim lay on his side in front of him. Grasping another man's dick for the first time, Tim leaned forward and slid the semi hard dick into his straight boy mouth. Slowly, Tim bobbed back and forth on the dick in his mouth. With a hand wrapped around his own cock, Tim worked at getting Darren's dick hard and he did a great job as it wasn't long before Darren was ready to crack concrete. There was no doubt that Tim was a quicker learner as he had Darren virtually begging for more. Even though Darren's dick was pretty big and Tim had to take a few breaks in order to rest his jaw and catch his breathe, Tim was licking up and down the hard shaft like a pro. Every now and again, Tim would give the long dick a few quick pumps, all the while, he was wanking himself off at a hard and fast pace. Suddenly, without warning, Tim came, the cum spilling over his hand and in between his fingers. Now, it was up to Darren to show off his cum shot. Settling back, Tim watched as Darren began to jerk himself off at a furious pace. Moments later, Darren shot his load over Tim's face, the cum dripping down his neck and onto his chest.

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