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Aj, Ben Waters

Just like I promised AJ and Ben are back for another round and this time I had planned for some
more action to take place than they knew about. As soon as they got to my room, I had them both
take a seat on the couch, before I explained why there were there. With the camera rolling so that I
could get their reaction I wanted to get everything that was about to unfold. I told them both that I
had them come back today to do another shoot together and this time I was going to have them fuck
each other. Ben was very upset and actually got up to leave. I told him to wait a sec, that this was a
chance to make a lot of money and more than yesterday. It took some convincing, but I told him
that he would be the top. As soon as I turned around AJ knew that he was the one going to be
fucked. I know that he both really needed the money and that was the issue that I pressed. Going
for the clothes they removed the shirts and shortly after went for the rest.

Sitting there naked and jerking off, AJ leaned on his back to get into position. Ben grabbed the
condom that I placed next to him and put it on. Lubing up his cock he slide in behind AJ, placing his
lubed cock ready for entry. I told Ben to go slow at first, for AJ to get use to it. Sliding in slowly
everything started out great. AJ wasn't freaking out and was doing the deep breathing and trying to
say relaxed. Ben tried to change up the rhythm of how he was fucking AJ. I liked that position, of
course I want to get the most out of my time they are fucking.

Having them change positions, they stood over the couch and Ben bent AJ over forcing him to put his
head in the couch. Squeezing, biting, breathing, sweating all of that took place while they were
fucking. Ben was now making sure that he was getting as far in as possible. I wanted them to go
back to laying on the couch because I thought that was the best. Trying to lay side by side they
fucked, and was great was the fact that you get to watch all of Ben's cock go inside of him. Slipping
in some signals I wanted Ben to fuck AJ as hard and as fast as he could. After a short time they both
got uncomfortable with the position and took it to the floor.

To my surprise, AJ shot his load with no warning to me that he was even close. With lots of breathing
and moaning the cum spread across his chest. Ben pulled out, whipped off the condom and grabbed
the lube. Kneeling over AJ, Ben stroked his cock using a twist of the wrist. It was hot, that in just a
minute he sprayed his load on AJ���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½s stomach. Some
even got on his neck. They were in shock that they even did this, and just wanted to get their money
and get out of there. Ben didn't even want to take a shower. He got dressed took the money and
was out the door. Always hot when straight guys fuck.

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