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I Sometimes Tell These Guys Close Your Eyes & Pretend It's A GirlAdd Movie to your Favorites
Gabe, Ty Cole, Seth Rivers

Today, at Broke Straight Boys, I've brought two straight boys, Seth and Gabe, back to the studios. Seth has done previous shoots and although, I didn't really want to bring Gabe back, he said he really needed to make some more money. Seth has an issue where he doesn't want to have sex with Gabe because they know each other but I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how desperate they actually are and exactly how far they are willing to go for the right amount of money. Thus, I brought in another BSB model, Ty, who has appeared on both College Boy Physicals and Straight Broke Boys and is always up for anything. I told Ty that he was going to be top in this scene while Gabe bottomed at $1000 each and Seth would get $600 for oral only. I got the boys to strip and jerk off to start getting hard. In a matter of only a few minutes, both Ty and Gabe were hard so I got Seth to lean over and start sucking on Ty's dick while Ty did the same with Gabe's cock. Seth still wasn't comfortable with giving head and instead, resorted to pulling on Ty's cock. I had Gabe show Seth how to suck cock, both boys taking turns in sliding Ty's cock in and out of their mouths while Ty stroked their cocks. Despite Seth's reluctance to do anything with his buddy, he sure was hard just from watching Gabe suck on Ty's cock! With a word from Ty, it was time to fuck. Gabe decided to straddle Ty and lower himself onto the thick cock and even though its been a little while for Gabe, he took it like a pro and right away, he was moaning in pleasure as his ass got pounded. Seth obviously liked what he saw and got Gabe to suck on his cock. Gabe set himself a punishing pace and Seth was amazed at how much his friend was loving Ty's cock inside him and even called him a freak, still, Seth himself was getting off on the whole scene as well. They switched to the doggie style position, Ty fucking Gabe's ass hard and rough, Gabe sucking on Seth's cock even as Seth slapped him on the chest every now and again. Ty smacked Gabe's ass, pulling on his hair and forcing him to keep sucking on Seth's cock and from the sound of it, Gabe was loving every minute of it. Surprisingly, Seth was really getting into the scene as well, encouraging Ty to keep fucking Gabe and if it had been anyone else bar Gabe, I really think Seth would have had a turn fucking as well. They switch to Gabe lying on his back, Seth standing over his face so that Gabe was licking his balls while Ty both fucked Gabe and sucked Seth's dick. A few times, Gabe was moaning so loudly, I thought he was about to cum without even touching his own dick but it was Seth who came first, spurting over Gabe's chest. Suddenly, Ty came hard... in the condom. Gabe was yet still to cum, pulling himself off until he came over his hand and stomach. I gotta hand it to both Ty and Gabe; Ty can fuck like a demon while Gabe can certainly take it. Hopefully, it won't be long until these boys are back on BSB.

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