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Straight Boy Gets Tricked Into Doing Porn With Another Guy

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La, Ryan Sherman

LA is here for a duo shoot time and came to do a shoot with a girl. He likes a girl who can give great hand jobs and head. Now, he doesn't know it yet, but I couldn't get a girl in time for the shoot today so I had to go with Ryan who also has done a solo before as well. They were just going to jerk off side by side for today so the females could watch both of them. LA turned to Ryan before I could say anything and asked him if he gives good hand jobs. He said that he does and wants one in return, then he looked at me to know how much extra he was going to get paid for touching a guy. He doesn't want his girlfriend to find out about this shoot. LA has a great personality and is fun to work with; I never know what he is going to do before it is to late. He made it clear to Ryan not to use all the lube or otherwise he was going to beat his ass. Ryan reached over and took a hold of LA's cock and began to stroke it. He made it clear to Ryan that he was doing an ok job, but that his girlfriend does better. LA was making Ryan very nervous and he didn't want to piss LA off. Reaching over Ryan tried to stroke him off, and do a better job. That is why in the shoot Ryan had such a hard time getting hard sitting next to LA. Finally when Ryan did you could see all the veins in his cock. They both stood up jerking off next to one another and that was hot. LA even put his arm around Ryan while they jerked off. Sitting back down, LA made it very clear that Ryan was sitting way to close to him. Jerking off, LA had to get some more lube and grabbed the bottle off the floor. The bottle flew out of his hand and landed on the floor. It was the most hilarious thing I have had happen in a while. LA was close to cumming however Ryan wasn't, so I had to tell him to hold off. Soon though Ryan signaled me to get ready and shot a good size load on his stomach. His cum was pretty clear and kind of hard for the camera to pickup. With some more lube on his cock and a few short strokes, LA was blowing his load all over. The cum just erupted out of his dick and ran over his hand. His load was much whiter and thinker, so the camera good see everything. Both guys did a good job for me and I will have to see about getting them that girl that I have been promising so that we could keep them coming back for more shoots. Who knows if either one will go a little further next time with another guy. They went to hop in separate showers, and didn't really talk to one another after the shoot. I could tell that for the most part these two guys didn't really click well together on camera, but did fine off. Who knows who the lucky one next time to be paired up with LA.

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