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Samual Hayes And Eddie Church Get Ready To Bareback Fuck

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Sexy Duo Eddie Church and Samual Hayes Reveal All About Their First Anal Scene Together.

The scene begins with the director greeting two boys Samual Hayes and Eddie Church before their performance. Samual has on a pink polo shirt and khaki shorts. Meanwhile Eddie is wearing a green tee and blue denim jeans. The director asks who is gonna top and who will bottom. Eddie speaks up saying he will be the top during this scene. Samual is agreeable to the plan. During the interview Samual has his hands down his shorts fondling himself.

Samuel jokingly admits that he might be too loose from all the fuck scenes he has done recently. He suggests that maybe his ass isn't as tight as people think. However, he promises that his ass still feels good and will definitely satisfy Eddie. Overall Eddie will get to see how tight the ass actually is. Samual guarantees that his ass will feel great. The director wants to see the goods and their handsome bodies. Eddie strips down his pants and shows off his hardening cock.

Suddenly Samual shows off his round firm ass for the camera and Eddie. Eddie slaps and squeezes the juicy butt. The director asks Samual to twerk and he gives it his best try. Soon the guys take off their shirts and equip their underwear. The director explains to Eddie that slow and steady pace is the way to go. Both boys are eager to begin and earn some money for some sexy action. The guys practice kissing and the interview comes to a close.

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