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Archie Admits That Ryan’s Hole Was Tight

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The High Stakes World of Gay Porn, Archie and Ryan Open Up About the Pressure to Perform and Deliver What Fans Want.

Archie and Ryan are lying naked on the futon, still catching their breath from all the hot sex they had just shared. The interviewer greets the boys and begins asking questions. They end up discussing cum eating because Ryan swallowed his own cum off of Archie's chest. Archie explains that Ryan's hairy hole was super tight during their performance. During the interview Archie and Ryan lay together in post-coital bliss. Archie had given Ryan one hell of a rough pounding, but Ryan knew deep down that Archie was just being kind to him, even if it seemed like he was being rough. They both smiled contentedly, knowing that no matter what happened next, they had shared something truly special together.

Archie and Ryan sit back on the couch, exhausted but elated from their recent gay for pay scene. They had just finished filming an intense anal scene that left them both in a state of euphoria. The interviewer asks some personal questions regarding their preferences. The three of them begin talking about life responsibilities and what a difference the money can make in the lives of performers. Ryan nods in agreement, adding his own thoughts on the matter. As they continue their discussion, the subject of payment comes up. The interviewer explains how much each guy earned for their scene earlier that day. Both Archie and Ryan are surprised by how high the figure is a whopping $1,700 apiece! Archie gives a shout out to fans about connecting with him on the Broke Straight Boys forum. With that, the interview comes to an end, leaving Archie and Ryan excited for whatever adventures await them next in the world of gay porn.

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