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Ryan Was Excited To Film With Archie

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Getting Candid With Archie and Ryan: An Intimate Look Into the World of Gay For Pay Porn

The interview begins with Archie and Ryan sitting on the futon greeting one another. Both men are dressed casually, with Archie sporting a tight-fitting gray jacket over a white t-shirt, while Ryan opts for a more laid back approach by donning a simple black tee shirt. They exchange some small talk before delving into the main topic of discussion. Despite being in a professional setting, there's still a sexual energy present in the room, particularly when Archie starts fondling himself through his loose-fit green shorts. As the interview progresses, both men become increasingly candid about their career goals and aspirations, ultimately leading to a mutual understanding and appreciation for each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Both boys seem eager yet nervous about the upcoming experience. Ryan, being the newer one to the studio, looks up to Archie as someone who has already established themselves within the industry. On the other hand, Archie seems quite comfortable and confident during the interview. They talk about their experiences so far and what they hope to achieve through this collaboration. The two guys are grateful to be performing with each other. Archie explains that he is on the Broke Straight Boys forum and enjoys the feedback from members. Next Archie insists that he is not a twink. The guys discuss preferences and shaving. Archie casually admits his experience at another studio where they requested him to shave all over. So Archie used a chemical hair remover known as Nair to get rid of the hair. He says it caused difficult skin burns, and that he is working on his pubic hair styling.

Hairy boy Ryan says he doesn't have time to shave his body hair as it would be a lengthy process. The interviewer admits Ryan's body hair looks soft to the touch and is a nice creature comfort. The three individuals share jokes and laugh over experiences. Next they decide who will top and bottom. Archie explains his plan for the upcoming gay for pay performance. Archie is analytical and enjoys planning out the scene. The guys discuss cum shots, and the interviewer directs them to play it by ear. The interview comes to an end.

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