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Brocks Reaction To Archie’s Big Dick

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Exclusive Interview: Watch Two Gay For Pay Porn Stars Get Nasty In Front Of The Camera!

The interview begins with Archie and Brock sitting naked together. Brock wipes cum onto Archie, and Archie calls him the worst. Brock hurls insults at Archie calling him a pig bitch. After their hot and heavy gay sex session, Brock and Archie sit down for a post-coital interview. They are both playful and chatty, teasing each other about their sexual exploits. As they answer the interviewer's questions they are clearly still riding the waves of their recent orgasms. Archie describes Brock's cum as "not half terrible," and reveals that Brock's tight anal hole was the perfect fit for his thick cock. Meanwhile, Brock praises Archie as a skilled top who knew exactly how to please him during their steamy encounter.

Both men are covered in sweat and precum, their muscles flexed from their recent passionate fuck session. As they catch their breath, Brock looks over at Archie with a satisfied grin on his face. Brock's tight asshole is still quivering from the forceful thrusts of Archie's massive dick that just recently filled him up with hot sticky loads of creamy white cum. This is the first time Brock has ever had cum inside his ass. Brock says he will bottom again if that is what the fans want.

Soon the interviewer informs them that their performance was absolutely incredible and that they've earned themselves a tidy sum of money $1,800 each. The two men can hardly believe their luck, grinning from ear to ear as they high-five one another in celebration. With that, the interview comes to an end. As they step outside, they take a moment to reflect on what just happened. They both know that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that they'll never forget the experience.

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