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Comparing Cocks And Who Has The Biggest

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Break Down Gay Porn Stereotypes, Discover the Real Men Behind the Fantasies.

The interview begins with Archie and Brock sitting down answering questions.They are both wearing casual clothes that show off their toned bodies. Archie is equipped with a gray shirt and green shorts. Meanwhile Brock is wearing a white long sleeve sweater and gray shorts. Suddenly Archie gets up to grab a drink before they start. As Archie returns from getting his drink, there is an immediate tension that fills the room. Both boys are visibly nervous yet excited about what lies ahead. The interviewer starts off by asking some basic questions about their previous work experiences. However, as the interview progresses, the conversation becomes more personal and intimate. The two men begin to open up to each other, sharing stories about their lives and sexual experiences.

Archie and Brock laugh easily, and even tease each other playfully. However, there is also a clear undercurrent of sexual tension that hangs thickly in the air around them. As Archie speaks, his voice is filled with emotion and gratitude. Archie’s eyes shine brightly, reflecting the light from the camera as he thanks the members of Broke Straight Boys for their love and support. It is decided that Brock will bottom for Archie in the upcoming scene. Brock shifts uncomfortably in his chair, his hands fiddling anxiously with each other as he tries to mentally prepare himself for taking on Archie's thick, meaty cock. Soon Brock admits that during sex he is always a verbal guy, who likes conversing during intercourse.

While they prepare for their hot and heavy scene together, Italian Stallion Archie stands tall and proud, his muscular body gleaming with a sheen of perspiration. They are planning for a raunchy scene. Next they compare and show off their flaccid dicks. In the comments below write A or B for which penis you believe is more impressive. A is Archie flaccid dick and B is Brock soft cock. Then Brock shows off his ass for the camera and Archie spreads his butt cheeks wide open. The interviewer explains the payment, and then the guys get undressed. Then they convert the futon and the interview comes to an end.

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