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This Time Andy Is Going To Bottom For Archie

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Behind Closed Doors Secrets Spill, Watch This Exclusive Interview With Archie & Andy About Their Upcoming Scene

Archie and Andy sit down with the director,and they begin to discuss the upcoming scene. Both boys greet the camera and Andy clings on to a nearby pillow. Archie is wearing a loose red tank top that showcases his well-defined muscles. His blue eyes sparkle with excitement as he talks about the upcoming scene. Beside him, Andy sits comfortably in a pair of short black shorts. He runs his hand through his hair as he listens intently to what the director has to say. As they talk, both men start to become aroused by the thought of being together in the scene. The director makes a joke about Andy being the pillow model. The guys joke about selling the pillow coated in Andy's musk and cum. They chat about how there is a marketplace for raunchy used items. Archie talks about his personal sex experiences.

Eventually, the conversation turns to the topic of safe sex practices. Both Archie and Andy acknowledge just how important it is to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their partners. With that settled, the mood between Archie and Andy becomes decidedly more charged and sensual. Archie admits to playing a prank on someone where he ejaculated into a sandwich and had someone eat it. Then Archie explains why he played the prank and talks about the context of the situation. Archie and Andy have performed together in the past. The conversation takes a turn toward chatting about man milk also known as cum. Andy talks about how Archie's cum tastes very good.

For the upcoming scene they agree to plan that Archie will top while Andy will bottom. Next Archie and Andy discuss their own personal definitions of what it means to be “raunchy”. After Andy teasingly suggests that “getting nasty” is on the menu for tonight’s activities, Archie admits that he finds the idea of eating ass rather provocative. With mutual agreement that they both enjoy indulging in some debauchery from time to time, the two broke straight boys quickly proceed to shed their clothing down to nothing but their skimpy underwear. Andy has on tight white briefs while Archie wears gray boxers. They practice fondling one another and then lean in for a kiss. The two boys get warmed up for the scene and the interview comes to an end.

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