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Three Boys Open Up For Directors Choice Group Sex Scene

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Ready, Set, Threeway! James Makes His First Debut Into Group Sex With Andy And Archie!

When the interview begins, Andy holds onto a soft green pillow while sitting comfortably in the center of Archie and James. Despite having been in porn scenes together already, there is still an undeniable electricity that seems to spark between them. Archie, who is dressed in a tight-fitting brown tank top that showcases his well defined biceps, looks both nervous and excited all at once. His eyes dart back and forth between Andy and James, as if he's ready to proceed. On the other hand, James is wearing a gray t-shirt that fits him snugly while appearing to be much more relaxed and confident about the whole situation. He grins broadly as he leans forward in his chair, clearly eager to get started. As for Andy, he's wearing a silver long sleeved top and a pair of bright red short shorts that leave very little to the imagination. Next the interviewer jokes about what they will do for the director's choice scene.

After some brief discussion and negotiation, it's decided that the boys will be taking part in a threeway scene for the director's choice. James admits that this will be his first time participating in a threeway, but he's clearly excited and perhaps just a bit nervous about the prospect of exploring his sexuality in such a bold and adventurous way. Andy gets so hot and bothered from the prospect of being in a group performance that he starts to caress James on his arm while touching himself discreetly. When the director announces each guy's role in the upcoming threesome, Archie, Andy, and James all listen attentively. The director says Andy will bottom while Archie and James will top.

Suddenly the three guys remove their shirts to show off their upper bodies. Then they slide off their shorts and reveal tight fitting underwear. James has on cotton Fila boxers that contrast to his happy trail. He shows where that treasure trail leads and lower the fabric to display a full bush and hardening cock. Smooth Andy has on white underwear. Archie is wearing boxer briefs that emphasize his passion for fitness. Archie whips out his dick and waves it around. Archie admits his pube grooming skills are improving. Without hesitation Andy bends over and shows off his tight pink butt hole. The two tops examine their eager bottom. The director discusses the performance plan and how the guys will start off with some oral action. The boys are ready to begin so they set up the studio for the scene and the interview comes to an end.



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