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James Was Shocked He Ejaculated So Much Cum Inside Archie

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Breaking Down the Sex Scenes Go Inside the Minds of Two Rising Gay For Pay Porn Stars.

Archie and James sit side-by-side on the futon, both still naked from their recent gay sex scene together. James reaches over to grab a nearby towel, carefully wiping up the last traces of his thick cum that had leaked out of Archie's tight asshole. As they talk about their performance, James admits that he did indeed cum quite a bit during their shoot - something which the director later comments on, suggesting that perhaps James' youthful exuberance might be contributing to his high levels of sexual energy. Meanwhile, Archie describes the feeling of being filled up by James' big dick as if he were being blasted by a garden hose full of warm, sticky semen. James chimes in too, saying that even though he was the one doing the fucking, he also felt incredibly satisfied afterwards, thanks in no small part to the way that Archie's tight ass seemed to suction his cock in just the right way.

The director explains that due to the exceptional quality of their performances, they have been awarded a substantial sum of money totaling $1,800 each. Both boys are stunned into silence for a moment, before erupting into joyous shouts. They can hardly believe their good fortune, and spend the next few minutes celebrating their success. Archie says his ass still feels very wet and creamy after the performance. During the interview, Archie expresses his gratitude towards all of his fans who continue to support him and the rest of the models involved in the project. He also mentions how much he enjoys working alongside so many talented individuals within the industry. Finally the interview comes to an end and the models go get cleaned up.

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