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The Boys Talk About What They Will Do With The MoneyAdd Movie to your Favorites
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As they begin the interview, both Colton and John are still feeling the effects of their intense sexual encounter. Continuing to chat and relax together, Colton and John begin to discuss some more erotic topics. They start off by answering a few provocative questions about their sexual preferences. John had never taken a cock this big before and explains how it felt. Then Colton discusses his rimming performance and how he mentally prepares for the act.

After completing a successful shoot, Colton is excited to finally have some extra cash in hand. With this newfound income, he has decided to use the money to pay off some outstanding bills that he has been struggling with for quite some time now. John received a large sum of money for doing the scene and has chosen to use some of it as a down payment on a brand-new car. He is very excited about this purchase and can't wait to drive off into the sunset in his shiny new ride.

When the interview draws to a close, Colton and John begin to wrap things up and prepare to leave. They both stand up from their seats and start making their way over to the bathroom where they can clean themselves off before leaving the studio.


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