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We Find Out That Colton Has Never Bottomed Before

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Colton looks effortlessly cool in his outfit, sporting a silver muscle tank and a pair of sleek shorts. John with his blondish hair, looks casually comfortable in his outfit, featuring a gray shirt and plaid shorts. As the interview questions begin Colton loudly proclaims that he isn't in the mood to take it up the ass today, so John better get ready to bend over and take one for the team! John's first time bottoming was in the previous scene with a different model and he describes that first time as a bit uncomfortable but ultimately satisfying.

According to Colton, when he tops a bottom in a sexual encounter, the feeling he gives them is beyond anything they have ever experienced before. The new red sheets on the futon inject a bold element of contrast into the scene as the two guys sit on it. When it comes to John, he knows that sucking dick isn't really his thing but he's willing to give it another shot just to make some extra cash. He acknowledges that it might not be as enjoyable for him as other activities but he's open-minded enough to try and make it work anyway. For Colton, there's something incredibly erotic about rimming a guy's asshole.

During the shoot, the guys are talking about how they want to push themselves to the limit to earn as much money as possible from the production company. Ultimately, they decide that they're going to give it everything they've got so that they can walk away with a hefty paycheck at the end of the day. As they begin to undress, you can see that both of them are covered in intricate tattoos. They continue to strip down, John is wearing a pair of bright red boxer briefs that showcase his toned physique perfectly. Meanwhile, Colton has opted for a more classic look, sporting a pair of white Calvin Klein boxers that sit upon his muscular frame loosely. Soon Colton has John remove his boxers to expose his cock. John is surprised as he has never interacted with an uncut penis before. John gets naked to show off his dick and bend over to tease his tight hole to Colton.



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