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Listen To Colton’s Reason Why He Wants To Do Porn

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Colton is 25, he is 5'9" tall and weighs 155 with a thick 8" cock. He's from Sacramento but travels a lot and currently lives in Chicago, doing construction for work. This is his first porn experience. He considers himself bi-curious and has done everything with women but has only had one experience with a guy. A gym bro from college who he used to wrestle with, but things escalated from there. He originally applied to shoot a scene a couple years ago, during covid, but everybody in his group tested positive for covid and the reschedule didn't work out for him. But he kept it in mind and he is back, two years later! He sucked dick with his gym bro, and tried to fuck him but his dick was too thick. Beyond that, he hasn't had a chance to experiment his curiosity but he is here we'll see how the boys at BSB can take his thick cock!

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