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Earning Extra Money For Doing Raunchy Sex

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In front of the camera Ian and Archie are both completely nude, having just finished filming a hot gay sex scene for their latest porn. The two men were still flushed with excitement as they began answering questions about their performance. The conversation focuses on intense oral sex they performed during filming, including sucking dick and swallowing loads. At one point during the interview, Archie reveals that he had to run to the bathroom after Ian left behind a "daycare" of cum inside his mouth. He admits that he swallowed some of it and couldn't stop gagging from taking in so much of Ian's man juice. Despite the discomfort, Archie says that Ian's load tasted sweet like pineapple. The kindhearted Ian apologizes profusely for making such a hot mess during their porn scene performance.

The two guys earned $1500 each for their raunchy romp, which has left them both breathless yet ready for more. While Ian intends to use his funds to purchase new video games and downloadable content, Archie has his sights set on a new video game called Call of Duty. Regardless of how they plan to spend their hard-earned money, one thing is certain these straight boys have definitely earned their keep with this job well done. Throughout the entire interview process, Ian and Archie maintain a playful yet professional demeanor, joking around with one another while still managing to answer all of the interviewer's questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.

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