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Archie Tops Ian For His First Scene & Swallows His Load

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Archie Paige, Ian Novak

When Ian and Archie continue their steamy makeout session, they become increasingly aroused. Archie takes his time exploring Ian's body with his tongue, starting at his lips and moving down to his chest. He then sucks on Ian's nipples, eliciting a moan from the younger man. As their passion intensifies, Archie starts kissing his way down towards Ian's waist. His lips leave a trail of fire as he goes lower and lower. Finally, Archie reaches Ian's red shorts and quickly undoes them, revealing Ian's hard cock standing proudly against his skin. Archie's lips become wrapped around Ian's throbbing dick as he sucks away with enthusiasm. This excites Ian so much that he moans and breathes heavily. Ian's dick is big and Archie finds it a challenge to deepthroat the entire shaft. However, Archie is determined to please Ian in any way possible. After sucking Ian’s cock, Archie removes his white socks and boxers so that he is completely naked too. Archie’s hard dick springs free from its confines, standing at attention between his legs. Ian can feel himself getting even more aroused by the sight of Archie's nude body pressed up against him. As they continue to fondle each other, Ian reaches down between their bodies to stroke and tease Archie's dick.

Ian takes Archie's hard cock into his mouth and starts to give him a blow job. Archie enjoys the attention from Ian as he moans and thrusts his hips forward. After a few minutes, they both start to rub their cocks together, creating a sensual tingling feeling throughout their bodies. Suddenly, Ian sits on top of Archie's face while still sucking his dick. Archie then rims Ian's tight butt hole with his wet tongue. He loves the way it feels when he pushes his tongue inside Ian's ass. Archie decides to finger Ian's tight hole while he continues to rim him. Ian moans in pleasure as he feels Archie's fingers sliding into his ass. When Archie slowly inserts his cock into Ian's tight ass cheeks, Ian begs him to go slower, as his body is not used to being penetrated anally. Despite his initial discomfort, Ian soon begins to enjoy the sensation of being filled up by Archie's thick cock. While fucking raw doggy style, Archie's cock goes in and out of Ian's boy hole at a rapid pace, causing both of them to moan with pleasure. Eventually, Ian lays on his back and Archie tastes his hole before he pumps his cock in and out of Ian's tight butt in missionary position.

Archie thrusts away furiously, he then approaches his climax and pulls out of Ian's tight boy hole. A sticky white load erupts from his cock and lands directly into Ian's eagerly waiting mouth. Ian savors every drop of Archie's delicious cum as it drips down his throat. Next it is Ian's turn to cum so Archie sucks him off but the load is too much to handle. Cum pours out of Archie's mouth onto Ian's crotch, creating a messy yet satisfying puddle. Archie begins licking up all the white salty boy juice that has accumulated on Ian's body. Both men are completely exhausted after their intense fuck session and collapse onto each other, spent yet satisfied.

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